Dana is a 5th generation Californian who combines a great love for real estate with a special passion for the great outdoors. Coming from northern California with a childhood spent in the pounding cold surf of Santa Cruz, Dana got her first wetsuit in the third grade. In fact, it was one of the first wetsuits ever made (she comes from the O'Neill wetsuit family!). Although much time was spent at the beach, Dana grew up skiing and back packing in the Sierras as well. She also listened up as her fire captain dad talked about investing in real estate over the years.

Dana first came to Santa Barbara to attend college. But after graduating from UCSB Dana went back to the San Francisco Bay Area (except for that brief stint in Colorado when she worked as a wilderness instructor) to begin a successful career as a medical sales representative (picking up kayaking, rock climbing, and mountain biking too).

After 7 years in the competitive field of medical sales Dana decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of traveling around the world alone. She never got past South America. What with 20,000 foot peaks to ascend and rivers like the Amazon, a year was hardly enough! Upon returning to the US she and her future husband decided to make Santa Barbara their home. Dana immediately got her real estate license. And started graduate school. While working full time in the real estate field she simultaneously put herself through graduate school at night, earning a Master's degree in Counseling. Her thesis? Wilderness Therapy of course!

Testing out her new degree she went to work for Ventura County Superior Court as a mediator in the Family Law Department. Mediating settlement agreements was a challenging job that allowed Dana to use her extensive negotiating skills to their fullest. That was until she had her two boys and learned what real negotiating was all about. Having the boys prompted Dana to rethink her job and the commute it entailed. It was an easy to decision to make real estate her career. She realized it was the one thing that combined everything she was good at and loved.

she and her husband Robert (also a wilderness buff who spent a year living in the Sierras in a teepee) can be found with their two boys at soccer, swimming or tennis. That is if they're not scrambling over boulders, fording rivers or playing at the beach! All work and no play is not the O'Neill-Johnson family motto!

Dana came to real estate with a strong sales and negotiating background. She has a unique passion for life and a special gift of diplomacy and humor, which she has successfully incorporated in her real estate career. Dana has the goal of helping her clients make their next real estate purchase a successful transaction, and to continue enjoying the reasons why she moved to Santa Barbara in the first place. When you love what you do, the results speak for themselves.

Dana O'Neill
"Your Partner in Real Estate"